Questions & Terms

Questions and Answers

We are a small shop, we make all our parts in house, we can not return emails and chat with you online as well as make, ship and package parts.

Before emailing us, please see if the answers below answer your question. We will no longer be able to keep answering the following order related questions online or via email as this is very time consuming and takes us away from actually making and shipping your parts.

Q: What countries do you ship to?
A: We currently only ship to the United States and Canada.
If you would like to have us ship to another country please email us for a price quote.

Q: What shipping carriers do you use?
A: We currently only use USPS to ship. And charge a FLAT RATE shipping fee depending on your shipping destination.

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping?
A: Currently we do not offer expedited shipping.

Q: Can I change my order after I place my order?
A: When you order, your order will be in a que to be produced and packaged. At this time there will be no modifications to the order whatsoever.

Q: Did my order ship?
A: If you received a shipping tracking number, your order shipped.
When the package is shipped, paypal will be updated with a tracking number, it is 100% your responsibility to check the tracking updates yourself. If you did not receive a tracking number yet, then your order did not ship yet.

Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?
A: Normally production time to create your parts is 2 weeks (14 business days from ordering).  However this can vary, if we are able to send them sooner, we will. Some times getting material in or unforeseen events like COVID-19, means production can take a little longer. If production is taking longer than normal we will notify you. But rest assured when you receive a shipping tracking number your order has been shipped.

Q: How long will shipping take once my order ships?
A: That all depends on the USPS, please use your tracking number to check on your package shipment progress.

Q: What if I got a tracking number and I track the shipment and it says delivered but I didn’t receive it?
A: If you checked your tracking number and it says delivered and you did not receive your parts. Email us with your order number and the tracking number. So we can file a claim with the post office. We will need to file a claim with the post office first. There will be NO REPLACEMENT packages or refunds going out until the issue is FULLY resolved.

Q: My order was returned to you, what do I do?
A: If the USPS returned your package to us because they could not deliver it to you. You will have to pay for shipping again for us to reship it. The cost for reshipping is $10, this is in addition to what you previously paid. You will also need to provide us with a different shipping address than the one they could not deliver to.

Q: What is the offset of the TLR stars?
A: Same as the *standard* Star, the face was machined so it wouldn’t hit the spindle. No offsets have been changed.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your order you agree to the terms below.

  • Your order may take up to 2 weeks (14 business days) or longer to be produced. We will notify you if it’s taking longer. But if we can get your order out sooner we will do so.
  • After your order ships it will also take time for USPS to deliver your order to you. Due to Covid-19 we do not know what that time line will be. It is 100% your responsibility to check your shipment tracking number if you want to know where your package is once it is in transit. We do not keep track of this information.
  • We will NOT refund your order OR ship you new parts for a lost or stolen package, without getting an email from you with the tracking number, the order number and only after we have filed a claim with the shipper and the claim has been fully resolved.
  • If your order gets returned to us after it had been shipped for any reason, and you decide you no longer want the order and want a refund instead. You will still be charged the non-refundable shipping price that was paid on the order at the time you placed the order, you will not be refunded the shipping cost.
  •  If your order gets returned for any reason such as an undeliverable address and you want it reshipped. You will need to pay an additional shipping cost of $10 for us to resend the package to you. A different address of where to re-ship the order to will also be required. We will not re-ship the package until the extra shipping is paid and a deliverable address is provided.
  • Performance Cut items/products are NOT covered under our warranty. Performance Cut items/products are specifically designed and machined for professional racing purposes and therefore are subject to extreme and often unforeseen circumstances outside the scope of normal hobbyist use. We can NOT replace or refund ANY Performance Cut item/product due to any sort of damage that may occur to them regardless of how they are used.
  • You understand that by purchasing our products, that you intend to use them at your own risk. That although our products are machined with top quality and performance in mind, if you subject them to any sort of use outside the scope of their intended capabilities that damage may occur to them and also your vehicle, and that you are ultimately responsible for this. And that if used improperly or outside the scope of original product capability, the warranty may be subject to void.
  • We are NOT responsible or liable for damage to our parts after they have been delivered to you; or any damage that your vehicle may have incurred while using our products. We are also NOT responsible or liable for ANY damage that may occur or be inflicted upon anyone or any type of property or personal property that may have come in contact with your vehicle while using our products.
  • You understand that we are NOT responsible or liable for any type of physical injury or death to you or anyone else that may occur by using our products. That by using our products you do so at your OWN risk and are responsible for using them in the intent they were created for. We are NOT responsible or liable for your actions or your ability to safely use your vehicle as well as our products; and the way you ultimately use or misuse our products.
  • You understand that our products contain small parts not intended for small children; and that adult supervision is required.
  • By using our *OPTIONAL* Performance Center to upgrade any of your parts you have purchased with us, you agree that this voids any warranty your parts may have had with us, in addition to our other terms and conditions. This is because we will be receiving back from you parts that have most likely been used already and may already have existing damage, regular wear and tear and possible scratches, etc; that was incurred by use from you, NOT from us. We take great care and pride in our work, we have excellent customer service and we do NOT send out bad parts and we will not tolerate scams.
  • You understand that our *OPTIONAL* Performance Center upgrade, is for our brand “MB-RC/BAAD Racing” RC parts ONLY! And that we will NOT be responsible for returning any parts you ship to us that were not originally made by us.