About Us

Our shop began with one Brother milling machine out of our garage in 2014, and has grown into a full CNC manufacturing facility in Lake Elsinore, CA. In addition to developing and manufacturing custom and performance parts for various industries over the years. We decided to unleash our own RC product line of billet long travel kits, lighting and accessories. And continue to push the envelope of manufacturing into composite parts as well.

Our RC parts were first developed in 2003 and was the original intent for starting our own machine shop in the beginning.
John Marton, owner of Marton Brothers was tired of having his RC parts break constantly, and as a machinist with a background in aerospace, off-road, R&D, etc… John decided to develop RC part solutions that will extend the capability of the cars to the max. With having built our machine shop from the ground up we now have the capability to offer you the custom RC performance parts you have been waiting for.

Did you know we also machine parts for full size Pre-Runners and Trophy trucks?
Need machining, prototyping, R&D, CAD, or programming on a much larger scale?
Visit our machine shop for more details MartonBrothers.com